Traditional Wet Shaving

Wet shaving with a straight razor or safety razor was extremely popular until the first Bic disposable razor appeared in the 1970’s. I’ve used all forms of shaving tools from disposable razors, straight razors, safety razors, and electric shavers. Out of all of them, I would have to say that wet shaving with a safety razor is my favorite for the following reasons:


Why We Like Traditional Wet Shaving

  • Traditional wet shaving feels much better and is an overall better experience.
    • Using a single sharp metal blade can cause irritation, but not if you lubricate your skin first. We recommend using a pre-shave oil to make sure that the razor has a smooth surface to glide across. The next step is to add the saving cream using a shave brush.
  • It’s cheaper.
    • Below, I created a list of the traditional wet shaving products that I have come to enjoy using as well as their prices and usage lifetimes.
  • It produces far less waste and is better for the environment.
    • Traditional wet shaving products were made to last and often come with less packaging.

Traditional Wet Shaving with Safety Razor

Below is a list of the wet shaving tools I have come to enjoy using. The prices and lifetimes of each will vary depending upon products, but will amount to roughly the same cost per year:

  • Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Safety Razor Price: $39.99
    • Lifetime: Forever
  • Shave Brush. Price: $22.00+
    • Lifetime: About 20 years
  • Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Soap in Bowl Price: $35.99
    • Lifetime: 2 years
  • Feather Double Edge Razor Blades (10pk) Price: $4.50
    • Lifetime: 80 shaves. About 8 shaves per edge.
  • Lather Bowl Price: ~$20.00
    • Lifetime: Forever
  • Taylor of Old Bond Street Pre-Shave Aromatherapy Oil 30ml $12.95
    • Lifetime: 8 months

Total Initial investment: about $135

Cost Per year: about $44

“Modern” Disposable Cartridge Shaving

These are the shaving tools I used before switching to the traditional method:

  • Edge Shave Gel Sensitive Skin with Aloe 7.0 oz. Price: $3.49
    • Lifetime: 40-60 shaves (8.5 weeks or about 2 months)
  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor Blade Refills 8.0 ea Price: $34.99
    • Lifetime: Gillette says that you can get 1 month use out of each cartridge based on 3-4 shaves per week.
  • Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor With FlexBall Handle and 2 Razor Refill Cartridges Price: $13.59

Total initial investment: about $52

Cost per year: about $73.4

Harry’s Subscription

I’ve never used Harry’s, but went to their website to see how much they actually charge. Here’s a screenshot of the default subscription option on Harry’


It looks like they will charge $25 every 2 months.

Cost per year: $150

Dollar Shave Club

Again, I’ve never used Dollar Shave Club, but went to their website to see how much they actually charge. Here’s a screenshot of the default subscription option on

Dollar Shave Club

It looks like they will charge $5 for the first month and then $9 monthly from then on.

Cost per year: $108+